Matthew Scott Moore

Activities as a Deaf School student

Elementary-school classmates. PHOTOS

Performed in first play, Circus Day, 1969. PHOTO

Served as Chairman of the State Highway Commission on Youth in Government Day, representing ISD, 1977. PHOTO & MEMENTOS

Editor-in-Chief, The Reflector, ISD’s award-winning student newspaper, 1975-76. CERTIFICATE

Editor-in-Chief, Daily Drum, newspaper of the Youth Leadership Camp for the Deaf, 1976.

Other awards. CERTIFICATE

Activities as an RIT student

1977-78: Actively involved with NSC; independent consultant to NSC President.

1978-79: Actively involved in NTID Performing Arts (Theater) Program. From 1979 until graduation in 1983, performed in ten NTID productions.

1979-80: Continued active involvement in NTID Theater; served as Office Manager and House Manager of Performing Arts Department.

1980-81: Continued active involvement in NTID Theater. Received Complementary Education Grant; directed, co-produced, co-wrote experimental theater production, C’est Autre Chose. Resident Advisor, Bell-Peterson Hall. CERTIFICATE

1981-82: Continued active involvement in NTID Theater. Founded Student Communication Center (a student-run newspaper and television service for the NTID community); served as Director to 1983. R.A., Bell-Peterson Hall. PHOTO & MEMENTOS

1982-83: Continued active involvement in NTID Theater. R.A., Bell-Peterson Hall.

Postgraduate/Community Activities

Co-Director, Flying Words Project, 1989 to 1997. Helped coordinate Deaf poetry series. Helped organize the first ASL Literature Conference, October 10-13, 1991 (held at NTID).

Chairman, Third New York Statewide Conference for Sign-Language Instructors, Signs ‘R’ Us: Teach All Kids ASL, held at the Holidome, Rochester, NY, October 8-11, 1992.
Board Member, LIGHTS ON! Deaf Community Theatre, 1992-1995.

Founder, Deaf Rochesterians’ Community Center Core Team, 1992.

Producer, American Deaf Play Creators’ Festival II, September 25-November 8, 1998, at NTID.

Conference Coordinator, ASLTA’s First National Professional Development Conference, October 7-11, 1999.

President, William Ellsworth “Dummy” Hoy Committee, November 2000 to present.

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