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Elementary-school classmates

Matthew (front row, second from right), age 5, and his classmates hold still for a poker-faced group shot, vintage 1963. (Tom Holcomb is at front left.) Note the bulky body-pack hearing aids, cords, and harnesses that virtually all deaf schoolchildren were compelled to wear in those days, regardless of how little benefit they obtained.

A 1965 group shot. Matthew (age 6-1/2 or so) is in the back row, second from right. He quips, “I was always the smallest kid in class.” First row (left to right): Cathy Donaldson, Kirk Prough, Brian Frodge, Stacey Anderson, and Brenda Butler. Back row: Mrs. Padgetts, Tom Holcomb, Kim Ennis, Teresa Ezzell, Matthew, and Donna Owens.
Note that three of the ten children aren’t wearing body-pack aids.

Just take a deep breath: Visiting a local firehouse in 1965, ISD students get a ?face-on? demonstration of the oxygen apparatus. Left to right: unidentified firefighter, Tom Holcomb (behind the firefighter), Brenda Butler, Cathy Donaldson, Brian Frodge, Teresa Ezzell, Matthew, Donna Owens, and Kim Ennis. Mrs. Padgetts looks on encouragingly. This image was originally published in ISD’s 1966-67 calendar, captioned ?Up for Air.?
(Courtesy of Brenda [Butler] Arnold)

“Show and Tell Time.” Matthew’s classmates get on close (if not sociable) terms with a turtle.
Matthew stands third from left in the back, almost completely obscured by Tom Holcomb.
This image was originally published in ISD’s 1966-67 calendar. (Courtesy of Brenda [Butler] Arnold)

A 1967 group shot taken at a classroom birthday party for Tom Holcomb (right).
Matthew sits next to him. Their classmates are (right to left) Kim Ennis, Kirk Prough,
Scott Summerlin, Brenda Butler, Brian Frodge, and Donna Owens.
No one is wearing body-pack aids in this photo.

A candid classroom view of Tom Holcomb (left) and Matthew, busy at work, December 1967. Note the colorful Christmas artworks displayed on the bulletin board and the related vocabulary list neatly chalked on the blackboard.
The students were probably writing essays on what they hoped to do for the holidays.

“Be cautious when climbing,” reads the sign held by Donna Owens. Left to right: Matthew, Brenda Butler,
Tom Holcomb (front), Scott Summerlin (back), Brian Frodge (front), Kirk Prough (back), Teresa Ezzell,
and Kim Ennis. This image, taken in 1968, was originally published in ISD’s 1968-69 calendar,
captioned “Time out for a reminder.” (Courtesy of Brenda [Butler] Arnold)

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