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Family Photos

Matthew’s mother JoNelle and her second husband, Fred Giegerich,
in October 1985, the 12th year of their 28-year marriage.
Fred died in August 2001, after a long illness, age 81.
JoNelle died on July 5, 2005, succumbing to a chronic heart ailment.

Matthew holding his new neice Lexanne, Terri’s daughter, who was born in March 1986. He is Lexie’s godfather.

Matthew and Lexie in January 2004.

Lexie at home in her ballgown, January 2004.

Matthew (at right) with Mark and Terri, on the deck of the condominium that Matthew purchased for his mother in 2000. Behind them is Geist Lake, formerly a municipal-owned reservoir that was sold to private developers and became a “boom town” in the 1990s. The Geist Lake area has become one of Indianapolis’s choice neighborhoods. The houses in the background are private residences. In 2001, Matthew, family, and friends renovated the condo’s deck, enlarging it considerably and finishing off the railings with copper newel posts.

Mark and Missy with their two sons (from her first marriage),
Nathan (at right) and Nick, September 2003.

Matthew, Missy, and Mark.

Terri and Jeff Shaffer, resplendent in their formal outfits,
ready to go to Lexie’s ball, January 2004.

Matthew, Jeff, and the twins Gordon Neal (at left) and Jeffrey Nicholas,
January 2004.

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