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Business Cards
These five business cards, seen here in 200% enlargement,
reflect the growth of Matthew’s company and its changing image.

Matthew’s very first business card, vintage 1984, dates from when he was working on his innovative TV pilot, Deaf Magazine. (Thus “Producer/Director,” emphasizing his video skills.) Note the absence of TTY numbers. The telephone number and Indianapolis address printed on the card were actually his mother’s. (Cautionary note: Please do not call this number to say howdy to Matthew’s mom. She no longer uses this number, nor does she live at this address.)

Matthew’s first business card utilizing the original DEAF LIFE masthead, was used from approximately 1988 to 1992, when the current masthead was adopted. In 1988, the New York State Relay Service began operations, which opened up a new communicative horizon for the company. The company’s first post-office box was located in a tiny substation tucked between two shops in Marketplace Mall. Staffers could go there to pick up the mail, then enjoy a bit of browsing and shopping on the premises. But when this substation was closed to the public, Matthew was compelled to take a box in Rochester’s General (Main) Post Office a few miles east of Marketplace Mall.

This card is a souvenir of Matthew’s association with ZiCom, a now-defunct TTY distributor.

DEAF LIFE’s new masthead debuted in the July 1992 issue. This masthead is still in use. Note that no fax number appeared on the first DEAF LIFE card, but one is prominently displayed here. The company installed its first fax machine around 1989. Fax and TRS made business communications much easier. This card was used from 1992 to 1997.

A new logo was designed for MSM Productions, Ltd., in 1997, symbolizing its expansion as a multimedia company. The three components of the image represent print, film, and Internet/digital media. Another technical advance for the company: going online. For the first time, Matthew’s E-mail address appeared on his business card.

Matthew has always loved and enjoyed watching cardinals, so he chose a sleek, stylized one for his new corporate logo in 1999. By this time, several Websites had been launched. Their URLs appear in the reverse side of the card. Cardinals, of course, are popular birds, and their images adorn all sorts of products—sports teams, apparel, tools, school mascots—so Matthew wanted an image that was distinctive, immediately recognizable as the company’s. A cardinal is the company mascot. Several cardinal families live near the office, coming to the backyard bird feeder each day to feast on sunflower seeds. Matthew hasn’t formally discussed it wuth them, but is sure that they approve of the new logo.

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