Matthew Scott Moore

MSM Productions, Ltd., 1986

The two portraits above were taken during a photo shoot for DEAF LIFE’s Trial Issue, published July 1987.

Matthew during DEAF LIFE’s early days (1987-88). This photo was taken in the small downtown office that served as company headquarters for about a year.

Matthew around 1992.

At work on DEAF LIFE at the Meigs Street office. He oversees the design and production of DEAF LIFE, Deaf Life Press books, Websites, conference-planning, and numerous other projects.

Su-Lin, the long-time resident office cat, was a blue-point Siamese, “applehead” conformation. Born on June 5, 1985 and adopted a few months later, she supervised office affairs and oversaw every issue of DEAF LIFE, all Deaf Life Press publications, parties, meetings, and the planning of several conferences, until her death on August 25, 2004, of chronic renal failure. She was 19 years old when she died in her bed underneath the fax-and-modem desk—and that’s how she wanted it. She is terribly missed.

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