Explanatory Note

Matthew was reluctant to set up a personal homepage because he isn’t interested in promoting himself or “showing off” his achievements, which are considerable. This homepage was designed and written in response to numerous requests from staff, friends, and students who wanted more information about Matthew’s background and accomplishments. Over the years, we’ve gotten many such requests by fax, TTY, E-mail, letter, and in person. We felt that having his own homepage would save him the time and trouble of repeating the same information over and over again. Instead of having to answer biographical questions, he can simply refer people to this homepage.

Moreover, people who are planning to invite Matthew to give presentations, performances, and keynote addresses, or to conduct workshops, need his up-to-date CV. We’ve included it on this site.

And since Matthew is a public figure and an outstanding member of the U.S. Deaf Community, he deserves a detailed homepage that serves as a prime source of information and highlights his achievements. Visitors can stop by and browse any time. We believe you’ll agree that this is a handsome and informative homepage. We wanted to do Matthew proud by creating a homepage that was worthy of him. His leadership, dynamic creativity, and vision continue to inspire us. This homepage is a token of thanks for all he has done on our behalf, our small way of returning the compliment. As he has brought honor to the community, we wish to honor him.

Charles F. Bancroft,

Linda Levitan,
Copy Editor

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Note from the DEAF.com staff: why this homepage was created
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