Matthew Scott Moore

ASL Literature Conference, October 1991

As Co-Director of the Flying Words Project, Matthew helped organize and coordinate a national conference focusing on ASL literature—poetry, storytelling, and performance art, with lectures by ASL scholars. The conference, held at NTID, featured several leading ASL performers and teachers.

It was during this conference that the late Bruce Hlibok, a dynamic and controversial performer, encouraged Matthew to publish For Hearing People Only. “HPO” was being published as a monthly installment in DEAF LIFE. Bruce, who taught ASL at New York University, was tired of photocopying the individual installments for his students and told Matthew that he wanted to see them available in book form—that it would be a tremendous convenience for him, as a teacher, and his students. It was some of the best advice Matthew had ever gotten from a friend. Within a year, the first edition of HPO was published, and with it, Deaf Life Press was launched.

Above: The complete prospectus and program book for the 1991 Conference.

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