Matthew Scott Moore


Keynote speaker, Indiana School for the Deaf, kicking off Deaf Awareness Week and ISD’s Sesquicentennial Celebration, September 20, 1993. PLAQUE (Also see LINK in “Lectures”)

Keynote speaker, Support Service Personnel Conference (BOCES), Rochester, NY, May 7, 1994. DOCUMENTS

Commencement speaker, Ohio School for the Deaf, June 10, 1994. PROGRAM

Gave keynote address, “Can You Read Me? Growing Up Deaf and Literate,” at the 33rd Annual ITHI Conference, February 28, 1997 (sponsored by Illinois Teachers of the Hearing Impaired).

Gave keynote address, “Your Well-Being,” at the 15th Biennial Rainbow Alliance of the Deaf Conference, Kansas City, Missouri, July 1, 1997.

Gave keynote address, Ohio Association of the Deaf Convention, Columbus, October 18, 1997. CERTIFICATE & FLYER

Gave keynote address at Deaf Celebration ’98, Dallas City Hall Chambers, September 15, 1998.

Gave keynote address, “For Hearing People Only: a Brief History,” and presentation, “Deaf Reality 101,” at the 2nd Annual COSDA Conference, Birmingham, Alabama, June 15, 2000 (sponsored by Council of Organizations Serving Deaf Alabamians).

Gave keynote address at Commencement Exercises at Indiana School for the Deaf, May 18, 2001. PROGRAM & NEWSLETTER

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