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Moore has given several traveling presentations on publishing Deaf Life and For Hearing People Only, Deaf media, politics, achievement, education, and growing up Deaf.

Guest lecturer at Camp Mark Seven, Old Forge, New York, 1988.

Gave an informal talk to NTID/RIT students/faculty/staff in Tower A lobby (Ellingson Residence Hall), as part of the Deaf Culture Speaker Series, October 23, 1991. FLYER

Guest speaker at Texas Deaf Caucus’ 3rd Annual Conference: A Framework for Change, Tyler, Texas, November 7, 1992. PROGRAM

Gave an informal talk to students in the ASL Program at University of Rochester, November 4, 1993.

Participated in Deaf Heritage Week at Indiana School for the Deaf, September 20-24, 1993. FLYER & LETTERS

Presenter, CELEBRATION ’94, University of California at Berkeley, February 1994. PROSPECTUS

Lectured at Mt. San Antonio Community College, Walnut, California, as part of Deaf Lecture Series, June 4, 1994.

Gave presentation on Deaf Life, as part of NTID’s ASL Lecture Series, January 27, 1995. INVITATION

Gave six presentations sponsored by Johnson County Community College—to JCCC hearing journalism students, Kansas School for the Deaf students, and to the local Deaf/Hearing community, March 30-31, 1995. These were: “DAW: Celebration of Culture Day,” “Introduction to Newswriting,” “News Reporting and Deaf Culture,” “Mass Media & Society,” and “Improving Writing Skills.” PHOTOS & IMAGES

Gave presentation, “Literacy 101: Giving Deaf Kids the Basics,” to 274 people at the Show Me Symposium: Educating Children Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Columbia, Missouri, February 24, 1996. PROGRAM IMAGE

Gave a Great Deaf Americans slideshow-presentation at Boston Public Library, September 26 and 27, 1996. Gave 2 similar presentations to several hundred 4th-graders to seniors, and one to adults, at California School for the Deaf, Riverside, October 4, and one to 150 people at Mt. San Antonio College, Walnut, California, October 5, 1996. LETTER

Gave 3 presentations about Great Deaf Americans and Hall of Fame proposal at the Deaf Senior Citizens’ Conference, Phoenix, Arizona (April 23-27), and one presentation on Deaf Life and Deaf Life Press books at Arizona State University, April 24, 1997.

Gave a talk with Robert F. Panara on Great Deaf Americans at Barnes & Noble, Pittsford Plaza, Rochester, New York, April 26, 1997. CALENDAR LISTING

Gave a motivational presentation at the Rehabilitation Counselors for the Deaf Statewide Meeting, Matteson, Illinois, May 20, 1998. This meeting was sponsored by the Illinois Department of Human Services’ Division of Services for Persons Who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing. LETTER

Gave Great Deaf Americans presentations at 1998 Youth Leadership Camp, Camp Taloali, Stayton, Oregon, July 20-27, 1998.

Participated in the Deaf Executives in Residence Program at Gallaudet University’s School of Management, September 8-9, 1998. LETTER

Gave two presentations in Texas: one at Dallas Deaf Club, one at Austin Deaf Community Center, mid-December 1998.

Gave 3 presentations (“Deaf Life,” “Great Deaf Americans,” and “The Three ‘R’s” (Fireside Chat) at 1999 Youth Leadership Camp, Camp Taloali, Stayton, Oregon, June 24-27, 1999. LETTER

Gave presentation to campers at Pathways to Your Future learning camp for deaf youth, sponsored by Rochester Museum & Science Center, June 28, 1999.

Gave presentation, “Great Deaf Americans and Responsibility,” at the Jr. NAD Conference, Rochester, New York, November 1, 2000.

Gave presentation, “Stuck in the Bucket,” at Allies 2000 Conference, New Haven, Connecticut, November 3 and 4, 2000. (Allies is a New England-based group of advocates, including interpreters, ITP students, teachers, and Deaf professionals promoting better Deaf-Hearing relations.) PROGRAM & CERTIFICATE

Gave brief talk about William E. “Dummy” Hoy at Gallaudet University’s dedication of its baseball diamond as Hoy Field, April 8, 2001. PHOTOS

Gave lecture, “Hard Work is Unheard Of in the Deaf Community” (reflections on running a business, the 9-to-5 ethos, and Deaf attitudes), to students at NTID’s Dining Commons, April 19, 2001.

Participated in informal Q/A “Coffeehouse Presentation” session during 2001 Veditz ASL Festival at Northeastern University, Boston, May 10, 2001. (In this series, a group of students and interpreters invite successful Deaf persons to discuss their careers and answer questions from the audience.)

Gave informal talk, “Political Games in the Deaf Community,” to members of NTID’s DeafASL Club, November 2, 2002.

Gave 4 presentations in Manchester, New Hampshire: a morning “Great Deaf Americans” slideshow at Memorial High School, followed by a “surprise visit” to an ASL class of hearing students there, where he administered a pop quiz and “gave them a brief dose of reality” (a glimpse of lightning-quick ASL discourse), and that evening, “Deaf Reality 101” at University of New Hampshire-Manchester, November 8, 2002; workshop on “Oppression” at Allies 2002 meeting, November 9. FLYER and LETTER

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