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33rd SERID

The Southeast Regional Institute on Deafness brings together VR, support-service, and deaf-education professionals for several days of conference sessions and workshops. The first SERID was held in 1971. Each annual conference rotates among the Southeastern states (Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, and Kentucky). The 33rd conference (SERID 2003) was held in Mobile, Alabama. Matthew, already a favorite among Alabamian audiences, was invited to give a performance.

SERID nnouncement card.
The conference theme used charming treasure-map graphics.

From the SERID prospectus.

The prrogram-book cover.

The program-book page featuring Matthew’s performance.

Matthew standing on the prow of the USS Alabama, a World War II battleship that is now a museum and part of a memorial park.

Posing with a different kind of shell collection.

The Alabama’s hangar is now an aeronautics museum.
The vast room served as a setting for the Wednesday dinner buffet
and Matthew’s performance, which followed a tour of the USS Alabama Battleship Park. Here are four views of the setting and audience, with Matthew, before his performance, in the picture. He enjoyed chatting with Alabamian friends.

In the shadow of fighter jets and rockets, colorful buffet tables were set up.
Here, Matthew samples some of the delectable fare.

These two voice interpreters made Matthew’s ASL accessible to the sign-language-impaired.

Three scenes from Matthew’s performance, which was greatly enjoyed by the audience.

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