Matthew Scott Moore

The Passion of Dracula (Renfield)

Matthew gave a stunning performance as the lunatic Renfield in NTID’s Fall 1985 production of The Passion of Dracula. It was common knowledge that he stole the show.

Renfield is an inmate at a lunatic asylum who falls under the sinister influence of Count Dracula. He catches flies and gulps them down alive, believing that he absorbs their life-force and becomes more powerful. He also carries a live mouse or two with him, but they occasionally escape, creating mayhem where he goes. Thanks to Dracula’s influence, Renfield, who has been fairly harmless before, becomes dangerous. But he has the most sublime line in the whole play: “I’m not crazy, you know, I’m just ahead of my time.”

The makeup crew used white shoe polish to “age” Matthew’s dark hair and give it an unhealthy, dirty look. During the week the play was staged, Matthew didn’t wash the gunk out of his hair. He wanted to cultivate a properly ratty appearance.

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