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See How They Run (The Bishop of Lax)

Philip King’s classic farce, See How They Run (1949), focuses on the misadventures that ensnare several inhabitants of a quiet English village during one extraordinary day. It’s an irresistible brew of impersonations, mistaken identities, tippling, clobberings, faintings, chases, and other slapstick delights. It’s the kind of play that‘s fun to see even if you already know the plot. NTID’s 2001 production cleverly integrated the voice performers into the play by having them perform in a postwar-style broadcast booth, in full view of the audience but not intruding on the onstage action. The talented Deaf and hearing cast received rave responses—and inspired a lot of laughter.

Returning to NTID’s stage after an absence of 15 years, Matthew dazzled a new audience (and some old fans). He played the Bishop of Lax, a jovial, kindly man who gets unwittingly drawn into the frantic craziness of the comedy. And he gave his usual brilliant performance, his expressions annd actions perfectly modulated, his signing clear and sharp, subtly touched with just the right amount of comic exaggeration.

For his role as the Bishop, Matthew wore a fake paunch under his violet clerical shirt.

As the senior member of the Deaf cast (most of whom were NTID students), Matthew brought the maturity and verve of a veteran ASL performer. He also worked with the other players to sharpen their signing skills and add verve to their own performances.

Playbill for the 2001 production.

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