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Article in PETA’s Animal Times

In Fall 1996, Matthew and the DEAF LIFE staff received a disturbing report from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), that Boys Town National Research Hospital was conducting cruel experiments on kittens, using federally-funded research grants to investigate a cure human deafness. PETA is considered the most radical of the many animal-rights organizations in the U.S.A. Its opponents have fought back by attempting to discredit them.

However, Matthew received persuasive evidence that kittens were being senselessly abused and killed at Boys Town. DEAF LIFE published a report in its October 1996 issue. When PETA invited him to comment on the situation, he responded at length, and one of his statements was published in PETA’s Animal Times. As the owner of a much-loved Siamese cat, he was horrified by the photographs showing mutilated and dead kittens from the Boys Town experiments. And as a proud Deaf person, he was furious that federal funds were being used to underwrite this kind of research.

Initially, Boys Town denied any wrongdoing, and refused to answer its critics. But it ultimately stopped the experiments.

This handwritten note accompanied a copy of the issue of Animal Times containing the article on Boys Town.

The article, “Deaf People Fight Cat Cruelty,” with Matthew’s comment.

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