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Working Together to Make It Happen

Charles Bancroft really believes in his work. Bancroft, 1985 graduate of NTID’s printing production technology department, now is production manager for DEAF LIFE, a national magazine about deaf people produced by deaf people for both deaf and hearing people.

Bancroft is responsible for all output of the magazine; he collaborates on the layout with publisher Matthew Moore and oversees the magazine’s printing. DEAF LIFE began with 253 subscribers in July 1988 and, four years later, has 6,800 subscriptions with an estimated readership of 25,000 across the country and abroad.

“I see myself working for a long time on DEAF LIFE,” says Bancroft. “I like being able to use my printing skills on something important to me as a deaf person. And I love working on DEAF LIFE because it’s the only independent 4-color magazine produced by deaf people.”

Moore considers Bancroft an invaluable partner.

“Without Charles, I don’t think I could have as high quality a magazine as I have now,” he explains. “Because of his printing training, I’ve been able to depend on him to teach me about the printing world.”

Bancroft has developed a full array of printing skills through his experience as DEAF LIFE production manager and as electronic publishing specialist for printers around Rochester, New York. He and Moore aspire to establish a production company that provides output services for clients with printing needs.

—Promotional leaflet for NTID’s National Center on Employment for the Deaf/Department of Prining Production Technology, 1992

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