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Rochester Institute of Technology, January 13, 1983

Student Media Leaders in the Spotlight …

Students take a wide range of leadership roles at RIT. In an earlier edition of News and Events we introduced leaders of organizations that formally represent student interests, including one that plans campus entertainment activities.

Equally important are the student media leaders who direct a communications system especially for students. These leaders head the weekly news magazine, the Reporter; the radio station, WITR; television station, Student Television Systems; the student annual Techmila; and the NTID Communications Center.


Matthew Moore is director of the NTID Student Communication Center which publishes a newspaper and produces television programs concerned with the hearing-impaired on campus.

Moore founded the organization in 1981 to improve communication among students, faculty and staff of NTID and other colleges on the RIT campus.

"We cover different points of interest, theatrical critiques, political, social, and cultural differences among deaf students and the hearing-impaired," explains Moore. "We hope to educate hearing students about our culture."

Last year the Center produced "Sharing," an interview show dealing with political issues, through instructional television services at NTID. The NTID newspaper was published three times last year and once so far this year. Eighteen students are involved in the efforts at the Center. Moore’s goal is to develop a full-sized media service for deaf students–with a newspaper published every two weeks and weekly TV shows.

Moore graduates from NTID in May with a BA in social work; he’d like to become a producer or director of TV shows for cable with deaf-oriented programming, involving deaf people in the productions.

News & Events, Rochester Institute of Technology, January 13, 1983

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