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Letters, humorous and affectionate commentary, and praise from friends

Letter from Dr. Harvey Meislin of University of Arizona Health Services Center, August 20, 1992. LETTER

Letter from the editors of DeafNation, December 10, 1996. LETTER

Letter from Bill Nichols, President/CEO of the Kaleidoscope Network (KTV), August 20, 1998. LETTER

Fax from Frank Turk, August 20, 1998. FAX

Fax from Frank Turk, September 12, 1998. FAX

Letter from Frank Turk, October 29, 1998. FAX

Letter from Nancy J. Bloch, Executive Director of NAD, October 30, 1998. FAX

Fax from Frank Turk, November 10, 1998. FAX

Letter from Bob Panara, May 7, 2002. LETTER

Letter from T. Alan Hurwitz, May 15, 2002. LETTER

Letter from Barbara Ray Holcomb and Christine Monikowski, May 23, 2002. LETTER

Letter from Bonnie Meath-Lang, June 1, 2002. LETTER

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