Matthew Scott Moore

Note of appreciation from Bob Panara,
May7, 2002

Robert F. Panara, in whose honor NTID’s theater is named, sent Matthew this brief but heartfelt hamdwritten note (accompanying an order for two posters and a T-shirt) after seeing one of his performances in NTID’s production of Peter Pan.

It reads:

Dear Matthew,

Congratulations again on a most brilliant and riveting performance! As “Mr. Darling, Esq.”you were the perfect Victorian “Pater.” As “Capt. Hook,” well, for sheer laughs and “monkey business,” yours was a virtuoso performance.

Enclosed is my check for $50.00 in payment for 2 Posters and 1 Black XL T-Shirt. You can mail the T-Shirt to my address.

Shirley is coming with me to see you on Friday nite (5-10).

Break a leg!


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