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Letter of appreciation from Bonnie Meath-Lang

Bonnie Meath-Lang, Artistic Director of NTID’s Performing Arts Program, sent Matthew this appreciative letter two weeks after NTID’s successful production of Peter Pan was staged. Matthew’s company, MSM Productions, Ltd., co-sponsored the production, which scored several historic firsts. It was the first production to feature a professional-quality slick-paper playbill featuring photos of the near-complete cast and a full-color cover, for example, and full-color tie-in posters. Both were Matthew’s innovations. He also provided specially inscribed T-shirts as a bonus for all cast and crew members (green for the cast, black for the crew). The dedicated Website for this production was beautiful, too.

Dr. Meath Lang’s letter also notes Matthew’s hilarious dual performance as Mr. Darling and Captain Hook—another triumph by a gifted performer—and his typically painstaking and generous work with the other members of the cast.

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