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Thanks from Frank Turk

After DEAF LIFE published a special issue on the Youth Leadership Camp (September 1998), Matthew received this warm note from YLC co-founder Frank Turk.

October 29, 1998

Many thanks, Matthew, for the outstanding job! I L-O-V-E that last issue of DEAFLIFE about our YLC program. Boy, the kids across America who have been to YLC will come back to life as never before and talk about their experiences for months. What a tremendous public relations job the whole thing is for us, nationwide and gratis! Your contribution is immeasurable and forever appreciated, the biggest feather in your crowded cap. Our youth programs are beginning to flourish once again and they are flourishing because of “others-before-self” folks such as yourself. We do not have many of them yet but the number is increasing at an encouraging rate because of the emergence of vitally important developments such as the September issue of DEAFLIFE. Many thanks, Matthew, for being a friend par excellence. — Frank


To: Matthew Moore

From: Frank Turk

E-mail won’t go thru so am faxing this.

Again, THANKS!

— F.

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