Matthew Scott Moore

A fax from Frank Turk

Dr. Frank R. Turk is one of the Deaf Community’s most respected leaders. He is best known for his long-time work on behalf of Deaf youth,his firm commitment to quality education and community services, and individual self-discipline and responsibility, and is no stranger to controversy. He has known Matthew since he was a young child. Matthew, of course, is an alumnus of the Youth Leadership Camp, which Turk helped found. Both have worked together at the YLC and other community endeavors, and have kept in contact over the years. They have shared ideas, opinions, and support.

This fax is an example of their correspondence. DEAF LIFE devoted its September 1998 issue to the YLC, with several YLCers participating as edutors and contributors. This issue was well-received, and Frank Turk, in particular, appreciated the work that had gone into it..

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